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Qwanturank, the SEO competition

The objective of the qwanturank competition is to obtain the best positioning on the European search engine

What is qwanturank?

Qwanturank is an SEO contest organized by Qwant.

How to win qwanturank?

To win the qwanturanker contest, I have no idea, but let's go!

How do I index my WordPress site in Qwant?

That's what we're going to see at this competition.

Who will win this qwant contest?

Good question and as we say at home, it is at the end of the fair that we count the dung!

What are the rules of the qwanturank competition?

The rules of the qwanturank competition are available on the official website:

Which prize to win in the seo qwant contest?

It is announced, for this SEO competition, 50 000 euros of prizes. It's the qwantlottery!!!!!

qwanturank seo contest by Qwant

Qwant is testing his index and algorithms!

Get the best positioning on

Qwant continues its quest for profitability

While the privacy-friendly search engine has reached 78 million visitors

Qwant: European Google in turmoil

Short of cash, the French search engine, which respects the data and privacy of Internet users, must call on its shareholders to get by.

Frequently asked questions about Qwant

Qwant, the search engine that respects your privacy

According to its creators, Qwant bears its name by combining the letter Q for the designation of the term Quantities, to refer to the mass of data that the indexing robot traverses every day, and the English verb want, which means "to want".

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Is it possible to position yourself in the Qwant SEO competition, with an ethical and organic approach?

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